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Agriculture is the foundation of the Midwest, especially southern Ohio.  From row crops to livestock, both sides of our family are rooted in raising livestock and grain for commercial sales.  Established in 1933, the beginning purchase of our farm in Frankfort, Ohio was made by my great grandfather. Since then, additional land has been added and passed on to future generations.  Early in 2011, we began establishing a registered Angus herd for the purpose of selling seedstock to farms and ranchers across the United States, as it has become our passion to raise the best angus heifers and bulls for our own herd. The end product is the highest quality beef for selling quarter, half and full beef to families in our region.

Angus cattle are the best in world.  Angus prime cuts, such as filet, prime rib, and New York strip are the mainstays in premier restaurants across the United States.  The breed of choice for those cuts is Angus.  Taste and tenderness drives the quality of our beef.  The Angus breed is known for its’ marbling.  No breed has advanced the genetics over the last fifty years more than Angus and with these advancements; it has raised the bar for farmers and ranchers to improve their herds to keep up with the growing demand. In order to keep pace, Angus breeders are pushed to enhance their herd’s ability to promote maternal instincts, rapid growth, and tremendous carcass attributes for better quality beef. To this point, we have added Angus genetics from across the country to accomplish this very goal. 

At Bruiser & Blade Angus, our objective is to offer outstanding bulls and heifers to commercial herdsmen and to other seedstock operations. Not only do we breed for maternal instincts, growth and carcass attributes, but also want to ensure that our animals are structurally sound with outstanding phenotype.  Lastly, our farm wants to provide a quality butchered beef product that families are able to enjoy.  Our customers have confidence that we offer the highest quality beef. Our animals are raised in a low stress environment on grass and grain. Our beef is steroid and antibiotic free.


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